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Motor Vehicle Report

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Monitoring your employee's motor vehicle report (MVR) is an essential tool for managing your company's risk. The California Department of Motor Vehicles has created a program called the Employer Pull Notice Program (EPN) to help employers monitor the driving record of their employees in an effort to improve highway safety and limit liability. Certain industries like Commercial Trucking and Bus companies are required by the law to monitor their driver's MVR and stiff sanctions are imposed on those who fail to comply with this requirement.

EPN - It's Not Just For Trucking Companies

ECM Enterprises now makes California's EPN program available to all businesses with employees who operate a vehicle as part of their employment.

Know who is driving your vehicles

As an Employer you have the responsibility to know who is operating your vehicles. Our Managed EPN Services program can help you make more informed decisions based on your employee's current MVR record. Cell phones, texting while driving, and the legalization of marijuana all pose new challenges for employers.

Our continuous MVR Monitoring service will advise you of DUI's, moving violations, CDL point counts, and license suspensions. Don't wait until it's too late!

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Driver Qualification File

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Take the stress out of maintaining your Driver Qualification Files (DQ Files) with the assistance of DriverPro ™ from

How it works

Simply enter your driver information into our easy to use website. Our automated monitoring system will review each file to insure all the required documents are present and that no dated items are expired.

Your DQ Files will be continuously monitored and you will receive e-mail notifications in advance of any item approaching expiration. Let us monitor driver CDLs, Medical Certification dates, Pull Notice dates, and Annual Reviews for Interstate drivers.

EPN Program

As a Driver ProTM client you will have access to our EPN Driver Pull Notice services at no addition cost (Pull Notice fees not included). Working directly with the DMV will become a thing of the past

  • Electronic passive file monitoring w/e-mail notifications
  • Ability to set-up multiple terminals
  • Pre-loaded DQ File forms printed w/your company logo
  • Integrated EPN services
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