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A pre-employment MVR review is a sound pre-employment practice, but that's not enough! Your risk continues throughout employment so MVR monitoring should as well.

Our Continuous Motor Vehicle Report Monitoring Service reports:


Managed EPN Services

What is an Employer Pull Notice (EPN)?

To promote highway safety and reduce employer liabilities, the California DMV established a Motor Vehicle Report monitoring program called Employer Pull Notice (EPN). This program was originally created to allow commercial trucking companies to continuously monitor the driving record of their truck drivers.

ECM has now made this system available to all employers through our Managed EPN Services program.

Why you should monitor MVRs?

Many companies require employees to provide a MVR as part of their application or pre-employment process, but doing this once is not enough!

Continuous monitoring allows you to monitor the driving habits of your employees while tracking Traffic Violations, Cell Phone/Texting Violations, DUI's, and Drivers License Suspensions.

Don't wait until you're involved in a collision to find out that your employee is operating your vehicle on a suspended license!

Automated Advisories

In addition to providing you with fast and reliable MVR's, ECM will also monitor each employee's Drivers License expiration date and send you an e-mail notification prior to expiration.

Authorized EPN Agent

ECM Enterprises is an approved EPN Agent for the California Department of Motor Vehicles

Built-in California Vehicle Code

Our all-in-one service will provide you with a print-out any California Vehicle Code violation listed on the drivers MVR.

Remain Current with Auto-Order

Our automated monitoring system will automatically order a new MVR if the last one printed was more than 12 months old.

Need a Requester Code?

Before you can begin monitoring your employee driving records you must apply for and receive a Requester Code from the DMV. If you don't have a Requester Code we can help. Call for details